Terms and conditions of use of e-tickets at Asva Viking Village

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1 The Terms of Use of the Asva Viking Village’s (hereinafter Asva) e-Tickets are valid
upon purchasing Asva Tickets on the Asva’s website.
1.2 Definitions:
1.2.1 Service Provider – Saaremaa Viikingid OÜ, reg code 14204686, address: Nõmme, Kahtla, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond, Estonia.
1.2.2 Purchaser – purchasers of Asva Tickets at the Asva’s website.
1.2.3 Website – Internet environment on saaremaaviikingid.ee.
1.2.4 E-Ticket – an electronic Ticket (hereinafter the Ticket) that entitles its presenter to enter the Asva under the terms and conditions specified for the Ticket.
1.2.5 Terms of Use – the general terms and conditions established by the Asva for the purchase and use of a Ticket.
1.3 Problems that occur when purchasing Tickets must be reported to the e-mail address

2. Purchase of Tickets

2.1 When purchasing Tickets, in addition to the desired tickets and their quantities
the Purchaser enters his/her e-mail address.
2.2 Before paying for the Tickets, the Purchaser is obliged to check the names and number of Tickets added to the shopping cart and to make sure that the content of the shopping cart corresponds to the desired one. Settlement of accounts is not possible, except in the case specified in clause 5.2.
2.3 Tickets or quantities incorrectly added to the shopping cart that do not correspond to the desired ones must be cancelled.
2.4 The price of Tickets in the shopping cart includes VAT.
2.5 Tickets are paid for using the credit card or using the bank link.
2.6 If the payment is successful, a Ticket in PDF format will be generated for the Purchaser.

3. Receipt of Tickets

3.1 Tickets in PDF accompanied by the invoice will be submitted to the e-mail address entered upon purchase after paying for the Tickets in the Internet bank.

4. Ticket Validity

4.1 Purchased Tickets are valid according to the conditions specified for and indicated
on the Tickets.

5. Ticket Refund

5.1 Purchased Tickets are non-returnable and non-refundable, except as provided in clause
5.2 Tickets will be refunded exclusively if their use proved impossible due to reasons arising from the operation of the Asva Viking Village.

6. Rights and Obligations of the Purchaser

6.1 The Purchaser has the right to buy Tickets with the price, validity period and rights specified by the Asva on the website of the Asva.
6.2 The Purchaser has the right to receive the Tickets to the e-mail address entered when purchasing the Tickets after paying for the Tickets.
6.3 The Purchaser undertakes to comply with the Visitor Rules when visiting the Asva.
6.5 The Purchaser undertakes to refrain from interfering in the operation of the website and its technical solutions. Any activity that may result in overloading or malfunctioning of the website is prohibited. Monitoring the use of the website and copying, using, modifying and publishing the obtained data for any purpose is prohibited.

7. Rights and Obligations of the Asva Viking Village

7.1 The Asva has the right to amend the conditions of use without any prior notice. The new
current conditions will be published on the Asva’s website.
7.2 The Asva has the right to change Ticket prices according to the established price list.
7.3 The Asva allows Tickets to be used under their rights.
7.4 The Asva is not responsible for any possible errors caused by third parties that could lead to a situation where the money transfer may fail.
7.5 The Asva is not responsible for any damage caused by Tickets falling into the hands of third parties (including if the Tickets fall into the hands of third parties due to incorrect e-mail address entry automatic redirection to the entered e-mail address etc.).

8. Use of personal data

8.1 Personal data to be processed is the data provided by the purchaser when purchasing tickets and which is specified in Section 2.1.
8.2. The processor of personal data of the buyer is the Asva, and personal data is processed in accordance with the personal data protection regulations in force in the Republic of Estonia.
8.3 The Asva uses the buyer’s personal data to sell tickets and analyse statistics, and it ensures that only persons who need it in connection with performance of their duties have access to the data.
8.4 The Asva will not transfer personal data received from the buyer to third parties, except for cases provided for by the law.
8.6 Data is stored securely in the CompuCash system.